the blood of the first (week 6)

The sun hadn’t yet set as we stepped up to the door. We didn’t discuss who would take the lead, but this was my idea, so I just did. Sebastian stood behind me, Claude to my right, leaning against the door frame…the Bob Dylan song, Shelter From the Storm, still caught in my head as I brought my hand up to knock.

No one answered the door. It was dead silence inside but I knew someone was home, I could smell them.

I waited at least a minute before knocking a second time.

“Is this really necessary?” Claude muttered. He could really be a kill joy. I didn’t understand what my sister saw in him.

“Yes,” I ground out. “It most certainly is.”

“Who’s there?” The meek voice asked from behind the door.

“Avon calling,” I smirked, catching the looks my travel companions gave me.

Sebastian shook his head and Claude rolled his eyes, but I couldn’t help myself.

“Really, who’s is it?” she asked again, opening the door a crack.

The smell of blood flooded my nostrils, making my mouth pool with saliva as my fangs slid out. It hadn’t been that long since I’d eaten, but it may as well have been a month…I was famished.

“Is dinner ready?” I grinned, pushing against the door until it swung wide, knocking the startled woman to the floor.

“Ladies first,” Sebastian purred, gesturing to our meal laid out on the floor.

“Why, thank you.”

“Don’t hurt me,” the woman begged. “My God, don’t hurt my children.”

I noticed them then, cowering behind a couch in the background…their little mouths agape as I pulled their mother toward my sharp teeth. “Ohhh, dessert,” I whispered against her ear.

“Don’t be so damned dramatic, Elizabeth.” Claude huffed as he shut the door behind us just in time to contain the screams.

I simply couldn’t help myself with that song repeating in my brain. Shelter From the Storm.

Ok Daywalker fans…the holiday weekend derailed me a little bit, but I wanted to give you something, so there you have it. What’s a road trip without a food stop?

Until the next time…I’ll be working on a new episode for Monday!

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Posted on May 29, 2012 .