the blood of the first (week 9)

Weekly Vampire Serial Fiction.

The Daywalker Chronicles, Season 2. The Blood of the First.

the daywalker chroniclesI stared out at the road ahead of us and thought about what Claude had said to me.

“Will you be able to do it? Kill your sister…if it comes to that?”

I had never thought about it before that moment. Taking my father’s life had been necessary. He was…evil. But Catherine? I wasn’t sure. She wasn’t my favorite sister, certainly. But I loved her. Didn’t I? She had been just as devastated as I by our mother’s death. She had no part in it. She would never truly side with him against her own sisters.

Would she?

My thoughts trailed off to the day that changed everything, and I tried to reconcile what I would have to do if faced with such an impossible inevitability.


“Father? W-what’s happened here? There’s so much blood.  Are you harmed?” My hands shook as I clutched my mother’s shawl to my breast, refusing to allow myself to accept the unthinkable. “Where is she?”

His eyes flashed to my face then, nostrils flaring as his moist tongue slid out to lick his dry lips.  Did he not understand what I was asking?

“Mother…where is she?” Is she harmed? I feared, but wouldn’t allow myself to say out loud. “Catherine?” My voice cracked as I called to my oldest sister, hoping she would be close enough to hear. Wishing, yet again, that it was Catherine who had married and been taken from me. Not Victoria. Victoria would have known what to do.

I didn’t hear her approach over the sound of Father’s raspy breathing, and flinched at the sound of her voice. “She’s gone,” she whispered.

“Gone where?” I spun to face her, confusion clouding my thoughts. “Why would she leave?”

“She didn’t leave, Lizzie. She’s gone. I saw her body…” Catherine’s small frame seemed to convulse into gut wrenching sobs and I felt myself crumble before her.

“Her body?” My lips moved, but no sound came out. “No. She’s fine. You’re wrong.”

“I saw her Lizzie. I…” A fresh sob ripped through her as she glanced sideways at our Father.

“Father, tell her. Tell her she’s wrong.”

That’s when I noticed his eyes. How many times had I looked into my father’s eyes? More times than I could count, I was certain. There was no way I would have missed the red ring around his irises. It hadn’t been there before. But it was there now. His newly red-rimmed eyes were somehow deeper set in his pale face. And his lips. The same lips that had once smiled at me as if I’d hung the moon were now drawn across his teeth in a horrible grimace.

“Father?” My heart faltered in my chest. He looked at me as if I were a stranger. And in that instant I knew…he was no longer my father. “What have you done?”


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Posted on June 25, 2012 .