internet sweet internet

I can’t remember a time when I spent as many days without a proper internet connection. I mean, who would have guessed the big hotel I was staying in wouldn’t have free WiFi? I guess people on vacation in North Carolina don’t require constant access to the internet? How odd.

I’m just glad my vacation is over. I don’t know if I can stand another day in paradise. Ok, so maybe paradise is a stretch. I was in Cherokee, North Carolina, not the Bahamas. Still, either way, it’s nice to be home.

Home, where the kids bicker…the dog drools…and the husband glowers. Ah, yes. I’ve missed it! The minute I drove up in the drive-way, the chickens came running to greet me. My trio of black Henriettas greeted me with a chorus of “brrreeaad?” as I stepped out of the car. Of course, my hands were empty and my hens dejected. But I hurriedly rectified that situation and ran headlong into my dog. He was so excited to see me, certain I was never coming home again. He slept at the back door the entire time I was gone…waiting for my return. The kids said he barely ate for three days. Poor baby.

And my bed…how I’d missed it. Well…I have to admit, the bed at the hotel was pretty nice. It was a swanky place. I might have liked to bring that home with me. Too bad it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase with the Hillbilly Taffy, the Indian beaded jewelry, and the hotel soap I’d picked up as souvenirs.

I had to bring something home, since I left my money behind.

Until the next time…I’ll be taking a much deserved nap!

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Posted on June 6, 2012 .