what the hell happened to Rick Springfield?

So, I was sitting there at the table tonight, vodka and cranberry in my hand, flipping through the songbook, trying to decide what to sing, when Jesse’s Girl started playing. I freakin’ loved that song when it first came out. And I know I wasn’t the only one. Rick Springfield was sex on legs, and I, for one, figured he’d live forever as a sex god.

Boy was I wrong.

I saw an interview with Rick Springfield not so long ago, and I’m telling you here and now, the dude grew up to be a dirty old man. He reminds me of Tommy Lee, and yeah, Tommy Lee is old and creepy, but he was always sort of creepy, but freakin’ Rick Springfield was gorgeous, and sexy, and fresh…back before he started wearing guy-liner and a pedophile’s sneer. He’s so not hot anymore, and it makes me sad. Not because I ever had a shot with Rick Springfield…I’m not delusional…but seriously? Rick Springfield doesn’t have a shot with me! I have way better taste than that. And honestly, he’s just too old for me. And that makes me sad, too. But not in a crying over spilled milk sort of way. No, I’m sad because I’ve finally realized the 80’s are well, and finally, dead. And I guess I’m ok with that, really. But who doesn’t get sad when something so revered dies?

But as sad as I am over the loss of a hot Rick Springfield, I suppose I can still like listening to Jesse’s Girl. Maybe on a just friends basis, for now. I wouldn’t want him to get any ideas…we are so over.

Until the next time…I’ll be throwing away my old Tiger Beat magazines.

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Posted on August 7, 2012 .