talking firsts with Cabrina Claire

Cinnabar Silk author, Cabrina Claire has just released her debut novella, Turn Me, so I invited her to come talk about firsts. 

That first kiss. That new car. That first day of college. Those first apartment keys. That first puppy. Firsts are precious to us. They’re unique, new and scary, and full of promise. When we experience something new, it’s a step down a new path.

The fun part (we hope) comes when we get around to wondering what the end of that path will be like. If you’ve never been down the road, you can’t really know what’s at the end. You can hope. You can guess. You can wish upon a star. You can work your butt off. But the future is unwritten, and we just never know for sure until we get to the end.

You know that feeling when you pick up a new book, and you read the first couple of chapters and fall totally in love with it? That ecstatic feeling of anticipating something awesome is amazeballs. Who knows what that book will hold? How exactly will it blow your mind and exceed your expectations? You don’t know! But you’re drooling to find out, so you don’t put that thing down even for meals, because you want that feeling to last forever.

Beginnings are hope. Beginnings are anticipation. They’re thrilling and flush with promise. Everything is possible at the beginning. It’s why we keep trying new things. It’s why we keep cracking open new books. It’s why we love to fall in love.

Cabrina's new book isn't for the faint of heart. It's a hot steamy romance from Cinnabar Silk and you can find it here:


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Posted on May 13, 2015 .