left at the altar

With only thirty minutes to go before my guests were due to arrive at my annual Halloween party, I painstakingly prepared my costume.  I had already dressed the house in the finest in Halloween attire, prepared the food and drinks, and cleaned the kitchen along the way so the only thing left to do was to dress myself.  I had planned this costume for weeks.  Most years I have grand plans to dress in an elaborate costume only to end up as a witch at the last minute. 

This year, I was determined to follow through with my plans. 

My husband was certain that no one would catch the literary reference in my costume.  After all, unless you’re dressing as Ebenezer Scrooge or the ghost of Christmas past, a Charles Dickens character is probably a little on the obscure side.  I wasn’t worried.  Miss Havisham was one of the more memorable characters by Dickens.  And dressing as an elderly spinster, still wearing the gown she wore when she was left at the altar in her youth, is definitely on the creepy side.  And I had creepy down pat!

But I may have played the part a little too well. 

Much like my character, I was figuratively left at the altar.  One by one, my guests sent me messages to let me know they would not be attending my party.  I felt like I was thirteen years old again and no one showed up for my birthday party. 

Well…almost no one.

My wonderful neighbors (and book club members) Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Weenie were the only guests to show up to enjoy the lovely food and drink.  So our small group sat around the breakfast table and visited for a while. 

There was no karaoke…no costume contest…no bobbing for apples.

Thankfully, I didn’t actually bake a wedding cake…mine was just a prop dressed with rubber rats and plastic spiders. 

A little while later, my son brought a few friends over for a brief stop on their way to an age appropriate venue for his group. 

At least someone ate the food.

And we will have lots of yummy leftovers for the next several days.  I can’t really complain about that.  No food will go to waste in the planning of this party. 

Perhaps I should give up trying to have parties. 

Or just have parties with my dogs.  They were happy to eat some of the cheese and carrots from the veggie tray. 

Then again…on the positive side (because there is always a positive side) my house is very clean, and the trick or treaters that come by tomorrow will very much enjoy the spooky decorations that await them.  And that’s what Halloween is really about isn’t it—the kids? 

But isn’t there just a little bit of kid in all of us?

Isn’t there?

Until the next time…unlike Miss Havisham, I’ll be taking off my costume and carefully putting it away for next year.

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Posted on October 30, 2010 .