chim chim cheree

I had a chimney sweep in my house this morning.  It was almost like a scene out of Mary Poppins…except for the modern tools, and the lack of an English accent.  Actually, it was nothing like Mary Poppins.  I had high hopes, but no one broke into a song and dance routine. 

The doorbell rang at nine-thirty, disturbing what could have been my first eight hours of sleep in ages.  But it’s not like I could complain…I was the one who set the appointment.  

I wanted to get up. 

I was going to get up. 

I didn’t. 

Mike got up so I could try to sleep longer.  But it’s hard to sleep with three dogs going off like a Chewbacca car alarm. 

I was excited to have a clean chimney.  All week long, the cold nights had me craving a nice warm fire for a perfect cap on the day, but my chimney was dangerously overdue for a cleaning.  Today my chimney was sparkling clean and the weather turned hot.  Irony?  I’m not sure…but I have a firebox filled with logs that will be collecting dust for the next several days.  The forecast is calling for sunny skies and warm temperatures all weekend.  I suppose I should be glad.  It will still be cool at night.  Not quite cold enough for a fire but cool enough to sleep comfortably under a nice big blanket.  My kind of night.   

And I can’t forget that I will be walking on Saturday night.  A warm day followed by a nice cool evening will make for a great time. 

I think I might go for eight hours again tonight.  Just because I haven’t been successful doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep trying, right?  If I start right now, I might just have a chance. 

Wish me luck!

Until the next time…I’ll be cuddling up under a fuzzy blanket for eight hours!

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Posted on October 7, 2010 .