exactly how many turkeys do we need?

Mike and I found ourselves at the World Market this evening.  We had time to kill while the Land Rover was getting new tires.  I have decided that there is nothing more dangerous on a cold, wet night than “time to kill.” 

As we walked through the market, we collected items in our cart.  I found a beautifully simple white turkey platter, and Mike agreed that we absolutely needed that.  In fact, he decided that we needed two.

Two turkey platters?

Apparently, we are having more than one turkey for Thanksgiving.  This would be more logical if we were having a large crowd for dinner, but this year we will be serving a more intimate group, and surely one turkey would suffice.  But as we have done on more than one occasion, we will be cooking two.  One in the oven and one in a smoker.  We attempted smoking a turkey last year, with disastrous results, so, of course, we have to try again—I can only hope with greater success. 

As we approached the check out, it dawned on me that we had arrived on foot, having walked from the tire shop across the large parking lot, and now it was raining heavily. 

We put the platters back on the shelf.

I may go back later in the week and buy one platter.  I still don’t think we need two.  Maybe if we don’t have room for two turkeys on a platter, we will only make the one—the one in the oven, of course.  There is still time to change his mind…after all, we haven’t even bought a turkey yet!

Until the next time…I’ll be making my Thanksgiving grocery list!

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Posted on November 16, 2010 .