boys will be boys

Boys will be boys…even if those boys are dogs. 

It is close to midnight, and I have just finished editing a paper for my sister, and my dogs are still running around the house like naughty toddlers-climbing on the furniture, getting into mischief, and begging for cookies.  I wonder if I’ll ever get to sleep tonight. 

But this behavior is partly my fault. 

Mike and I spent a large portion of the day away from home.  Not all at once—we came home in between to feed and take them out—but still, we were gone for several hours of the day.  And just like the toddler who naps for too many hours of the day, our dogs are wound up and ready to play their way through the night. 

I’m letting them get whatever energy out they can before I am ready to head to bed.  I just hope they wear themselves out before I run out of steam.  It’s going to be a very close race.  And I’m running out of toilet paper!

I may have to switch to paper towels soon. 

Until the next time…I’ll be spending Sunday looking for some doggy chew toys!

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Posted on November 20, 2010 .