making a list and checking it twice

It seems as if Christmas shopping has gotten more difficult over the years.  I never know what to get anyone, and I never know what to put on my wish list.  Sure, I could put a lot of things on my list, but I have to be realistic, otherwise my husband will think he needs to go out and get something that I would really like, but scarcely need. 

So this begins my dilemma for the week. 

I was complaining about the difficult to shop for people in my life just the other day, so my husband decided that he would break down and create a list of what he would like.  Of course, his list is a little on the abstract side.  He put down things like what fabrics he likes…what metals…what textures…nothing specific.  So a probing I will go…

I am trying to pin him down to even one thing that he would like to have, but would never buy for himself.  I have just over three weeks to get the answer and buy the gift. 

My mom is just as difficult.  After her miniature schnauzer decided to escape while traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday, my sister has decided that we should buy her dog a shock collar for Christmas.  I think this might be a little extreme, but perhaps obedience classes are in order.  Either way, the choices are hardly personal.  But what do you get your mother for Christmas?  Last year was easy.  She was going to Las Vegas in January, so we got her crisp new dollar bills for gambling, and clothes for traveling.  This year she is staying put at home, so I’m out of ideas. 

Even the kids are tough this year.  They have finally reached the age where I can no longer shop for clothes for them without leaving the tags on everything and the receipt in the box.  It is the age of iTunes, so buying CDs is passé.  They would all love a new car, but I would need to buy a winning lottery ticket before shopping for three automobiles.  I suppose its video games and designer handbags for everyone! 

And what about me? 

What do I tell my loved ones when they ask me what I want?  Peace on Earth?  Good will toward men?  The Lenox Butler’s pantry china in a service for twelve? 

I’m sure I’ll think of something. 

Until the next time…I’ll be shopping online!

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Posted on November 30, 2010 .