it's a wash!

I very literally spent my entire day doing laundry.  I have washed every article of clothing, every towel, every sheet in my house. 

This was all part of my “winter cleaning” agenda.

Today I attacked my bedroom and all of the clothes that I have had in baskets because I was either too busy or too lazy to fold and put them away.  Somewhere along the way I lost track of which basket was which.  I think I might have even rewashed some clothes that were already clean because I couldn’t tell the clean baskets from the dirty. 

My husband had been asking where all of his socks had disappeared to.  He was certain they had been stolen by a sock thieving bandit.  But the truth was, they were tucked into different baskets, slid under the bed, or otherwise hiding in plain sight. 

He now has a giant pile of folded socks right next to his pile of folded shirts, pants, and underwear. 

As wonderful it is to have a closet filled with clean clothes (and a pile of folded clothes on the dressers, tables, and shelves) it seems as if I have burned out my washing machine in the process. 

I can only hope it is just too exhausted to carry on.  Hopefully after a good night’s rest it will be ready to jump into action again for the clothes that get dirty in the night.

Or maybe I can go just a few days before picking up a laundry basket again.  I certainly wouldn’t mind a bit!

Until the next time…I’ll be trying to find places to put all the clean laundry!

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Posted on December 10, 2010 .