happy birthday to my honey I love so much

Today was my husband's birthday. But instead of writing a nice long blog about our day, I am going to keep it private (in deference to the man who doesn't always love my blog.) It's my birthday gift to him.  So there will be no funny stories...no mention of what we did (or plan to do)...no nothing.  Just a quiet little blog about nothing for my honey. 

But I will say this...

Inside our wedding bands (the ones we rarely take off) are the matching inscriptions, "to my honey I love so much."  The kids used to gag everytime we would say those words to each other, the way kids do when adults show mushy affection. We spoke the words in "baby talk", referring to each other as "my honey I love so much."  Over the course of the past several years, we have said those words less and less.  Not because we stopped loving each other, or because we had out grown the baby talk, but because we forgot.  Isn't that how it is?  You just sort of forget to do the simple little things for each other that you used to do. 

So on my honey's birthday...while I'm not blogging about what we did today...I will just say Happy Birthday, to my honey I love so much! Because even when life gets difficult, and marriage seems like an uphill climb, I'm still willing to grab the hiking boots and the climbing poles and climb that mountain with you.  For better, for worse...for richer, for poorer...in sickness and in health...no matter how much weight we may gain...forsaking all others as long as we both shall live. 

Even if you never let me order dessert!

Please join me in wishing my husband a wonderful birthday!

Until the next time...I'll be gearing up for Christmas Eve and a day of wrapping presents!

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Posted on December 21, 2010 .