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Sunday began relatively disaster free. Stayed home all day! Cleaned the house…aka harvested enough cat hair to build enormous lifelike cat statue for the garden to scare deer and rabbits away. Also may have devised diabolical plan utilizing said cat hair. More on that later. Husband cleaned all ceiling fans and found more pieces of cat up there too. Almost wonder how so much of the cats end up in other places without affecting the overall size of the cats themselves. Complex math equations may be required to solve mystery. It’s too late at night for complex math, but in simple terms…if cat sheds enough to build entirely new cat but doesn’t change the size of the existing cat, where did the extra hair actually come from? See what I mean? Complex math! Had to empty the vacuum so many times I needed to change the garbage bag. Tugged on the cinch sac handles only to have them tear off in my hands. WTF? Not even cheap generic bags! If you can’t trust Hefty, who can you trust???

Geriatric dogs love new Sunbrella doggie beds. Cybil – the incontinent – is unsure if climbing completely onto her cushion is permitted, so she just leans against it until she is sure no one is looking. Then she climbs inch by inch until her entire body is stretch across the pillow. Lady – the oldest dog in the family – has doggy dementia, so she seems to think it’s the same old blanket she had before. She keeps trying to smooth out the button tufting with her paws. Lack of success has not deterred her from trying. Can dogs even have dementia? Is there any other explanation as to why she goes outside in the morning just like the other dogs, but then comes back in to poop on the tile in my bathroom? Obviously there are methods in place to prevent this, but every now and then she “sneaks” one in. I am always surprised to discover her “present” as I have yet to discover how something so old can be so stealthy. She’s on the top of my husband’s “countdown” list.

Interesting side note on the animals…because I give them all different voices and accents, they prefer that I use a different accent when speaking to them. I use a French accent. Now even the kids talk to the animals using a French accent. They don’t even know they’re doing it! I know, I’m sneaky!

Discovered that even inexpensive omelet pans can be used to cook eggs! $80 skillet barely a memory. Cheaper omelet pan worked splendidly! Husband made three egg omelets for breakfast! Didn’t have to send it back once! Didn’t even have to get dressed to have breakfast! It was a pajamas and fuzzy slipper day all day long! Husband made fancy fish tacos for dinner (tragically, cheese dip still off limits.) Impressive skills! Fish tacos were messy but delicious. Thinking about designing special chopsticks that more closely resemble the spork. Just FYI…popcorn is NOT something to eat with chopsticks. Although, it is possible, it isn’t recommended. Popcorn is meant to be eaten by the fistful. Briefly abandoned chopsticks diet to eat ice cream and popcorn for dinner. Minor guilt trip alleviated by feeling of gratification for having eaten all meals at home today using new pans purchased yesterday, and food found in cupboards and refrigerator. Tomorrow is a new day. Husband has late meeting. Might order pizza for dinner. Is it delivery or DiGiorno?

Minor catastrophe. The toilet in the power room will not flush. Upon further investigation it is discovered that flushing apparatus is made from cheap plastic and rusted metal. Anyone else see that coming? WTF? Designer of toilet flush apparatus DID know thin metal chain would be submerged in water, right? Now all flushing requires lifting of the heavy porcelain lid, reaching into tank, and tugging on submerged chain. This must not be allowed to go on! Have tried temporary repair using rubber bands and paper clips. Only time will tell. Luckily have 3 other bathrooms in the house. Unfortunately, powder room is closest to all family activity. Wondering if bags of excess cat hair could somehow be weaved into…nah that would never work!

Monday morning is looming ever closer in the horizon, creating the age old feeling of regret that I had Saturday off. If I had worked on Saturday, I would have Wednesday off. On the flip side of that, I really liked not working on Saturday. I just can’t decide which one is better. Luckily the decision is made for me. If left to my own devices, I would stay home every day and write all day long! Can you even imagine? Visit Mike at his website www.mdeanmusic.com for his thoughts on this weekend.

Until the next time…I’ll be taking notes!


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Posted on January 31, 2010 .