hooray for humpday!

Tuesday night is officially my favorite night! 

I feel a wonderful sense of relief—almost euphoria—just knowing that I have the day off tomorrow.  It doesn’t matter that I need to go to my office for an hour in the morning.  I can handle an hour.  And I don’t care that my entire house is covered in a thick layer of white fluff because the grandpuppy and his uncle Joey (my boxer/bulldog mix) thought it would be great fun to disembowel every stuffed animal in my house.  We can clean tomorrow.  And I don’t even care that I have nothing green to wear for St. Patrick’s Day, and therefore I am risking life and limb just by leaving the house in my non-green attire.  I don’t exactly know why it’s dangerous, but hey with my luck…

Still, with all those things hanging over my head, I have a day off and I’m going to enjoy it!

So what shall I do on the night before my day off?  I could go to sleep early so I can get a jump on the day…I could stay up late and take advantage of every extra minute to write…or some compromise between the two.  I haven’t had caffeine in three days now, so it’s entirely possible that I will quickly drift off to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.  As long as I don’t dream about Girl Scout cookies.  I haven’t had any of those in days, but they’re still out there, so I can’t afford for my willpower to slip even in my subconscious.  It is remarkably difficult to give up caffeine and sweets at the same time, but that groundhog only gave us so long to get into our bikinis, and time is running out!  So no dreaming about thin mints—got it?

For as little as I get, I actually really like sleep, and I wouldn’t complain if I got an extra hour or two tonight.  But as it always seems to turn out, I hate to miss any fun, and there is always something to do when it’s time to go to bed.  Like this evening for example: I’m working on two different manuscripts intermittently while watching a movie and reading a book.  It’s not ADHD…I’m not having a hard time concentrating…I just have so many ideas running around inside my head that I have to get them down in print as they come out.  Oh, and I really like the Sixth Sense, and it’s on Encore again. 

I managed to misplace my husband in all the excitement.  He was there in his chair a minute ago, working on something on his laptop while we watched the movie together, and then he was gone.  Off to bed, himself, no doubt.  He has to get up early. 

Then again, maybe he’s just in the other room playing the guitar.  (She said as she heard familiar chords coming from the bedroom)

I read somewhere that couples that live together for many years begin to look alike, and it made me wonder about my animals.  I’ve recently noticed that the cat (not Henry Chow, but Kitty Bartholomew—also known as Bart) is starting to resemble Lady, the geriatric Labrador.  They are both sleeping in a chair and their positions are so similar it would seem that someone had purposely posed them in this way.  I always knew Lady was just a cat in a dog suit.

Well, as the evening draws later, I feel I need to have some purpose in my life.  And that purpose is sleep!  The lethal combination of daylight savings and no caffeine is still causing me to drift in and out of sleep while thinking.  I am hopeful that this goes away by the weekend, as I have friends coming over Saturday night for our second annual Twilight party.  New Moon is coming out on DVD, and we’re going to have a “girls only” night to celebrate.  It should be fun, and it should make for entertaining blogging. 

But for today, I think I’ll grab a few extra hours of sleep, so I can do something exciting tomorrow.  Something worthy of a blog.  Something embarrassing and funny…I should be so lucky!

Until the next time…I’ll be digging through my closets for something  green!

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Posted on March 16, 2010 .