burn baby burn!

My Saturday was severed in half by the fact that the entire morning and a little bit of the afternoon was spent working.  Not working as in writing, but rather working as in, at the bank.  But once I left for the day…my weekend could officially start. 

And, it was a beautiful day!

I think we’ve finally navigated completely out of winter and into spring. The weather was perfect today.  Not too hot, not too cold and the sun was shining. I had “accidentally” taken both sets of keys for the cars, so Mike was unable to get any of his morning errands done which meant he was raring to go the minute I walked through the door.  First stop…?

Pike’s Nursery.

I have to admit, I love going to look at plants.  I love planning the garden, love picking out flowers, love every step of the process…except for the actual planting. I do not like playing in the dirt.  I’ll rake.  I’ll stand out there and point to where I want the flowers to go.  I’ll even help clean up the yard debris.  I just can’t take a live plant and sink it into the ground…not without killing it.  My husband is very good with plants.  And he can stay in the sun all day without turning to dust.  Unlike me.  I’ve already established that I ignite in the sun—like a vampire.  I avoid the sun as much as possible.  It’s really better that way. The sun is bad for your skin.  I like my skin.  It needs to last for my entire life.  I can’t afford to let it burn up in the sun, and you just can’t plant a garden after dark, it’s hard to see what you’re doing.  Plus, there is likely a mother rattlesnake somewhere in my yard, probably seeking vengeance for the loss of her young, and I’m not about to run into her in the dark of night when I can’t see to run away.

Despite my desire to stay away from the sun and the dark shadows of the yard at night, I ended up doing both!

I don’t really mind yard work.  I would like it a lot more if it didn’t involve being in the yard.  There are mosquitoes and ants…and bees in the yard.  And our yard is devoid of any good shade trees so I was forced to stand directly in the sun for over an hour. There just isn’t enough sunscreen in my moisturizer for that.  My lips are sunburned…and believe me when I say, that is miserable! Our yard work detail ran over from daylight to evening as my husband decided that tonight would be the perfect night to test out our new fire pit. 

The sky was pitch black.  The only light was coming from the circular pit in front of me.  As my husband piled limbs, branches, and other natural yard debris into the fire it lashed out at the sky with what looked like silent fireworks.  Orangy embers floated through the air, resting on my favorite sweater. 

I was convinced I was on fire.  I jumped up out of my chair every so often to brush away what I was certain was a glowing ember poised to set fire to my clothes. 

I guess it could have been worse.  I didn’t actually burn up or anything.  I’m sure the neighbors were ready to call the fire department.  Luckily the house is still standing.  I am ready to fall down though.  It’s been a long day.  All that fresh air and smoke will take it right out of you!

Until the next time…I’ll be doing it all over again tomorrow!  

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Posted on April 11, 2010 .