et tu cindy loo?

I had a very exciting blog planned for this evening where I was going to talk about springtime and Dairy Queen, and cherry dipped ice cream cones (something I had craved since my childhood only to discover that it wasn’t nearly as good as I had remembered.) I was going to share a cute moment between my husband and myself where we were texting back and forth on our BlackBerrys while watching the same TV and working on our laptops.  It was silly, and it made us feel like teenagers flirting back and forth.  It may have even led to a little old fashioned romance.  But instead of going into several hundred words devoted to mating season…I have decided that I need to address something just a little more important.  Tonight I’m going to write about misunderstandings and the price of fame.

Now, I would never profess to be famous in the way of the cast of Twilight, or even the Brady Bunch, but in my own way, it would seem that I have reached a level of fame that I was not expecting.  Specifically with regard to my Pole Waxer’s University blog

Lately I have seen a great deal of web traffic directed to that particular blog, and there have been a few comments that were unflattering.  It seems as if my blog has touched on a nerve or two.  Other students of Pole Waxers are convinced that my experiences were fabricated, or exaggerated, possibly even mean spirited.  It reminded me of a little incident several weeks back where someone who called themself Cindy Loo left a nasty little comment on one of the daily blog entries. 

I’m not sure exactly how to take the negative feedback.  Obviously people are entitled to their opinions.  No one is required to find the blogs funny, nor are they going to agree with my recollections of every situation.  That’s understandable.  But I find it disconcerting that anyone would assume that I was being disingenuous or mean spirited in any of my posts.  I promise that I meant no disrespect to the staff or students at the Pole Waxers University.  I am just far too clumsy to find anything but humor in a trip to an exotic dance studio. 

I think the problem is that people are very protective of things they love.  I admit that I get protective of Edward Cullen when my son starts bashing on Twilight.  I find myself defending the sparkling vampires against the old fashioned burn in the sun variety.  I’m sure I don’t need to jump to Edward’s defense.  I’m also sure I’m not the only one who does.  We all seem to champion causes that need a champion. 

My daughter is always defending the underdog.  I admire that in her.  Especially when I’m the underdog.  She is a vehement champion.  I know there are few more like her that frequent this very blog.  I feel just a little safer knowing you’re out there. 

I really do wish the patrons at Pole Waxer’s University would realize that my blog may actually increase the volume of people that want to try a cardio pole class.  I have had many readers ask me how they can take a class, where it is, when I’m going again so they can come watch me fall down.  I might just be willing to give it another shot if I had enough people to go with me.  You know…like a posse.  Can’t be too careful now that I’m famous. 

But whether or not we go to Pole Waxers or someplace else, I definitely think it’s time for the daily blog to go on another fieldtrip.  I’m formulating a plan as to where we should go.  It goes without saying that my regular crowd will accompany me, but perhaps I should make an announcement in advance.  Who else might want to go?  What should we do?  I haven’t been roller-skating in years, throw a margarita into the mix and I can almost guarantee an exciting time.  I may need body armor.  In fact, armor might be entertaining.  We could organize a roller derby!  It might shatter my “no broken bones” record though.  I don’t know if I want to ruin that streak just yet.  And hey, we might just go back to Pole Waxers after all.  It was definitely a good workout.  I just need some sort of clingy suit to help me stick to the pole.  Maybe a pair of rubber gloves…you know…so my hands can get a better grip.  I hear they have a Girl’s Night Out with rum punch on Saturday nights!

Until the next time…I’ll be planning our next outing!

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Posted on April 13, 2010 .