easter eve

My alarm went off at a quarter to seven.  I had forgotten to turn it off the night before.  And like every other morning that my alarm has gone off, I hit the snooze several times before I remembered that I didn’t have to get up so early this morning because I didn’t have to go to work today.  Once that realization sunk in, I was overcome with the familiar warm and fuzzy feeling that I get every time I’m allowed to sleep in, and I rolled over and went back to sleep for another hour. 

But as nice as sleeping in can be, I couldn’t sleep the entire day away.  I was expecting company after all.  So I dragged my tired self out of bed before nine.  My mom is an early riser, and I knew I could expect her to show up at any moment searching for fresh coffee and possibly breakfast!

Several hours later, my mother finally arrived, with her half eaten breakfast (courtesy of McDonald’s) and my niece in tow. 

We decided against going to the museum so close to spring break and opted to go shopping instead.  My mom tried to buy me the ugliest piece of clothing I had seen since the last time she shopped for me and she was going to pass it off as my Easter present.  I admit it, I still feel the yearning each year for a new Easter dress with pretty a bonnet and a new pair of shoes, but this creation she was holding up in front of me (with a sadistic grin, I might add) was not going to satisfy my need in any way.  She wanted me to try it on so she could take my picture in it… “For the blog,” she said. 

Don’t search the website for the picture.  I refused.  I’m all for embarrassing myself for my art, but even I have lines I won’t cross! 

I have decided that I won’t be filling Easter baskets with candy this year.  I was certain my kids would understand.  We sugar addicts have to stay away from the stuff!  My kids should go into politics!  They managed to reposition themselves to request “alternate” Easter offerings. 

After succumbing to guilt and buying each of my girls a new dress for Easter, and a few other little trinkets (including a new watch for myself as a reward for not buying any candy for Easter this year) we piled back into the car and headed home.  Having a concussion makes you tire more easily.  And I am thoroughly convinced that I have one.  More than four days after my little run in with the car door, my head still hurts and I’m dizzy.  But it’s a different kind of dizzy from the normal dizzy.  I’m pretty sure I’ll live, I always have before, but a friend told me today that it takes longer to recover if you’ve had more than one concussion.  And I did have an incident a few years back with a runaway headboard (long story) that gave me my first concussion.  At least the first one that was documented.  So I guess I’ll have to wait out the headaches for a little while longer.

Back at the house we had a lively debate as to whether or not the snakes we found in the yard this week were actually venomous.  I had to usher Mom to the place where the snakes had been to show her the “remains”.  She needed to investigate for herself. 

We trekked through the yard to the spot where we had originally found the snakes and turned back the rock to expose the bodies. 

Fire ants are destructive creatures! 

The little snakes were all but shells of their former selves.  Still,  we were able to see enough of one of the bodies to identify that they were indeed poisonous.  At least to the satisfaction of my mother.  And that’s all that really matters anyway. 

Sadly, Mom and I had to cut our visit short today.  My husband’s grandmother is still in the hospital, and we needed to drive to Florida to visit her.   So there we were…Mike, the three girls, and me piled into the car to drive to Panama City to see his grandma…on Easter eve.  We are apparently having Easter dinner with his entire family tomorrow.  That should be fun!  They aren’t used to my quirky sense of humor, or my colorful vocabulary. 

I might need a little candy after all. 

Until the next time…I’ll be smiling and nodding a lot!

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Posted on April 4, 2010 .