maybe I should have brought some earplugs

What is stress? A room full of loud music at a school concert qualifies in my book. I could feel my heart race right after the first few bars played. In fact, my heart was practically jumping up my throat. What was I doing there? I would have asked myself, but I already knew. It was my daughter’s end of school concert, so I couldn’t skip it.  I mean, sure I could have. Her father (my ex husband) would have.  He frequently did, in fact, although not this time.  But that wasn’t my style.  I was the devoted parent. The one who sacrificed my own comfort on a regular basis. So there I sat through several hours of other people’s kids performances while I waited for mine.  It was well worth the wait.  She sang beautifully.  And she played a mean tambourine. 

Nights like this are like magic.  They are worth all the stress, and the temporary hearing damage.  They are even worth having to sit next to your ex husband for several hours.  I think I’ll miss the school concerts when they are a thing of the past.  I may have to go rent someone else’s kids every now and then so I can still sit through long boring concerts just to hear five minutes of my (rental) child’s solo.  I guess that’s why mothers long for grandchildren.  It’s like starting all over again…but without the stress.  I could always have the kids put on a concert in the living room.  That might work for the next few years anyway.

Until the next time…I’ll be ordering a tambourine on ebay.

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Posted on May 14, 2010 .