ok…that’s gonna leave a mark

I now have proof positive that relaxation is not a cure for clumsy.  I had high hopes, but it’s time I face the facts.  Even in the quiet, simplified world of the country, I have managed to fall down the stairs.  Not to worry, I waited until I was almost at the bottom, and I held on to the railing even after losing my footing to keep me from catastrophe.  I managed to escape with only a nasty bruise on my forearm from the banister.  Thanks to that bruise, I will remember my vacation for weeks to come!

And what a vacation it is…

After a slightly bumpy start, it seems that the vacation in the woods is turning out to be a great success.  After a morning spent arguing, the children have settled into the simple life just splendidly.  We’ve had a lot of rain, so there has been no campfire.  And no campfire means no s’mores.  But we still have two days and nights left in our vacation, so I can still dream!

I have added more pictures to the gallery, I hope you like them. 

I’m going to hit the sheets and listen to the distant thunder rumble.  I think this might just be the best vacation ever!  I might even want to stay here forever.  Well…maybe not here, but somewhere like it.

I just need to be sure to rent a cabin with fewer stairs next time.

Until the next time…I’ll be getting some ice.

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Posted on June 2, 2010 .