what are you thankful for?

Home Alone.

It’s not the first time I’ve been in the house alone.  But it is the first time I will have to take the puppy out in the middle of the night without benefit of a man at home to rescue me if I run across an errant spider in the night.

Surely I will survive one night. 

I just need to be sure not to make any of the same mistakes I’ve made before.  I definitely don’t need to lock myself out of the house in my underwear again. 

Major rule should be: Do not go out into the night without pants, and/or a house key.

If I could find away to stay inside for the entire night I would do that, but Indy will have to pee at some point.  And I can’t derail my potty training efforts by letting him go in the house…can I?

No.  I can’t.

In the mean time, I have kept myself occupied by playing a game of wits with a pair of old high school friends via instant message.  My competitive streak has kicked in and I have nothing prepared for the blog.  I was too busy trying to come up with things I’m thankful for in alphabetically order.  For the letter U, I was thankful for underwear...clean ones. 

I have to give the credit to my good friend Christine, who came up with the game, and kept it relatively clean. 

Still, all things being relative...we were now up to the letter V, and old friend (and class clown extraordinaire) Chet came up with, “vagigi.”  I’m not sure if we should have allowed that.  It’s not technically a word.  And it was only a slightly veiled sexual reference.

But since it was just a game, and he was operating a computer after drinking three whole beers, we let him have that one.

The game was fun, but the best part was reconnecting with good friends from another era.  I just love  technology.

It’s funny…I’ve often heard it said that we have traded the art of letter writing for our impersonal technology.  But I disagee.

The art wasn’t in the pressing of pen to paper.  The art was in the expression of thoughts and feelings into the written word.  Via the medium of email, and instant messaging, we are more readily able to express our feelings and emotions to people with whom we would have otherwise lost touch.  Perhaps some of the formality of the letter writing has been lost to the casual messaging, but the contact is still there.  It is an interactive conversation that gives me the feeling of someone being on the other side of that little “window” waiting to comment on my thoughts as quickly as I have them. 

On a larger scale, my blog itself is a product of technology.  Oh, I was always a writer.  As far back as I can remember.  But without the internet, much of my work would not have an audience.  My written word may have been lost in obscurity. 

Like my old friends—buried in my little used memories.

I’ve said it before; Facebook is like a time machine, transporting me back to places and people long since lost or forgotten, and allowing me to find them again.  Friends and family are invaluable commodities, especially in these economic times.  There is something to be said for social interaction, and camaraderie.  After all…what good is old fashioned letter writing if you don’t have someone to write to?

Until the next time…I’ll be writing a few letters, the new fashioned way!

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Posted on July 11, 2010 .