turn that frown upside down

It has come to my attention that I have been somewhat of a “Debbie Downer” over the past few months.  And who could blame me with all that I’ve had going on?  But honestly, that’s no excuse.  I have always said that only we control our attitude, and we should just choose to be happy.  I am the girl who finds the positive in the negative.  I’m the girl who laughs at her own shortcomings.  And blogs about inside out underwear, and failed attempts at bikini waxing and pole dancing.  I’m not the girl who bemoans every moment that didn’t go my way! 

Well, maybe I do lately.

But I’m done with that.  As of right now, I’m adopting a new positive outlook.  And my new outlook is that of…I am not playing a team sport.  I am playing a serious game of me against the world.  But I have a great cheering section—my friends and family.  So what if I’m on the field alone.  We’re all on the field alone in a way.  I just have to keep that in perspective.  Only one person can walk in my shoes while I’m wearing them. Not even my husband.  He has to walk in his own shoes, and hold himself up. 

But he’s still there for me as part of my support group cheering me on from the stands.  We are brought into the world alone, and we go out alone, but that doesn’t mean we have to be lonely, right? 

I’m not really suggesting we walk through life without any help or support.  We just have to be self-sufficient.  As hard as that may be, when we feel the pressures of life weighing us down.

But I can’t expect someone to hold my hand as I go through every trial and tribulation.  I have to stand on my own to some degree.  And I can’t expect anyone to hold me up while I do it. 

But we do, don’t we?  We expect the ones we love to stand right there with us in the middle of the fray and help us fight every battle.  I know I expect that.  And maybe that’s just not fair.

How much should we expect our families to support us?  How much should we do for ourselves?  I suppose we should find the balance between the two, but it’s a difficult balance to find sometimes.  Especially in the tough times.  And lately, it seems like the tough times are at a premium.  On the positive side, (because I always have to find the positive side) if I’m being inundated with tough times now, I’m definitely due for some good times right around the corner.  And I will definitely share those with the ones I love.  It’s only fair, seeing how they are sharing the tough times with me. 

Until the next time…I’ll be looking for the silver lining on every cloud!

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Posted on August 10, 2010 .