Friday the 13th

Ladder tucked away…check.  Black cats scared off…check.  Mirrors packed up securely…check.  Garlic and holy water at the ready…wrong day…but check just the same.  You never can be too careful on a Friday the 13th.  Not with MY luck.  I was certain not to cross any streets, spill any salt, or walk too closely to any ravines.  I did take the time to visit my friends back at the bank, and I was told that my former clients were missing me terribly.  That is always nice to hear.  I miss the people, but I’m very happy to have said goodbye to the job. 

After all…now I can stay up late and watch movies every night if I want to.  Just nothing too scary.  I’ll leave that to the kids.

Kids and scary movies—they sort of go together like macaroni and cheese.  At least the kids in my house.  Well, the kids who are home tonight anyway.  So on Friday the 13th, I’m sitting in my chair, tucked behind the screen of my laptop to shield me from the terror on the screen.  I used to love horror movies.  The more gore the better.  I guess you know you’re getting old when you can’t sit through a scary movie anymore. 

Elsewhere in my life there are a few scary happenings as well.  Nothing worth writing about, though.  I’ve given up the “Debbie Downer” stuff in exchange for a positive outlook. 

And I am positively exhausted. 

I would love to blame it on the heat, but unfortunately, this has been the most difficult, stress filled summer of my life, and little of it has to do with “global warming” (or the lack thereof).  I don’t know if the devil has been scoping things out in Georgia these days or not, but things have certainly reminded me of Hell.  Things of this freakish nature should at least wait until October to manifest themselves, when I can hide behind a costume and pretend it’s make believe.  But, like I said…I’m keeping it positive.

The good news is, a passing storm has lowered the temperatures here, at least temporarily, and it was almost comfortable out this evening.  My air conditioning even took a breather for the first time in months—another reminder of my love of Fall. 

I have high hopes for tomorrow…I actually hope it rains again.  I really do love a summer storm…almost as much as a crisp fall evening.  But I’ll have to wait a few weeks for one of those…

Until the next time…I’ll be doing my rain dance!

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Posted on August 14, 2010 .