don’t drink and blog

I only had one drink.  One.  It wasn’t even a big drink.  It was one little drink.  One little insignificant, girly, flavored martini. But we’re talking about me here…it really doesn’t take more than one.  One drink and the room spins.  One drink and my face flushes bright red.  One drink and the keyboard is blurry. 

It’s a good thing I don’t look at the keys when I type.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t driving tonight. 

It’s a good thing I don’t have anything better to do than go to bed and sleep.

And I should certainly sleep well tonight.

I’m not sure how I ended up having a drink tonight, anyway.  One minute we were driving back from dropping Mike’s youngest daughter back to her mother, and the next we were sitting outside at a neighborhood café and I was ordering a pineapple martini.  It was pretty tasty too!  Even if it was just one.

And it was the nicest just one I have ever had.  I think it would be nice to do this on a weekly basis. 

I have decided that I want to have a love affair with the neighborhood café.  Especially the ones with an outdoor patio.  Especially when it’s as beautiful a night as it was tonight.  The temperature was kind enough to dip below eighty, and even graced us with a cool breeze just to put a lovely cherry on the top of our Sunday.

So we sat at our little café table, beneath an umbrella, on the patio of the cutest neighborhood café in the historic shopping district of Roswell, Georgia and sipped our drinks—my martini…and his imported beer—and chatted with the people at the table next to us.  They brought their dog.  It made me wish I’d brought mine.  Mike disagreed.  Indy might not be quite as well behaved at the table as the older dog at the adjacent table. 

But it gave me hope for the future.   

Hope for a day somewhere off in the (hopefully) not so distant future, when I can sit at a neighborhood café with a drink (probably just a coffee) and my dog.  Maybe even reading a book as I do.  Maybe with some really pretty mountain views, and temperatures somewhere in the low seventies even in the daylight hours. 

I don’t want much do I?

Until the next time…I’ll be sleeping off the pineapple martini!


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Posted on August 29, 2010 .