isn't it romantic?

I decided—for some bizarre reason that I may never understand—to speak in Charlton Heston’s voice this evening.  I was trying to be all romantic, using this, “damn dirty apes” voice like the one he used in the Planet of the Apes…probably the same voice he used every day, but that’s where I remembered it from.  I don’t know why I did it…it defies reason…but it was funny.  My husband laughed, but suddenly didn’t want to kiss me.  I guess it was something about the late actor and NRA spokesperson being decidedly male that put a kink in the romance.  So much for that idea.  Oh well…it’s late on a Sunday night, and Mike has an early day at the office tomorrow anyway.   

I guess the most important part of this statement is…Mike and I are back to normal again.  And yes…using weird voices for comedic effect is quite normal in my house…and Charlton Heston has shown up once or twice before, as has Katharine Hepburn, and Carol Channing just to name a few.  I suppose I should try Marilyn Monroe or Rita Hayworth if I want to segue into romance in the future. 

Romance is great and all that, but laughter is truly the best medicine, and we laugh a lot around here.  That’s probably at least one reason why he keeps me around.

I mean…what could be funnier than the sound of three dogs snoring in harmony in the background as Charlton Heston makes lewd comments as you step out of the shower?  I don’t remember exactly what I said…it might have been something about assault rifles or something... (Insert rim shot here…bah dum bum)

On another note...we had a great weekend.  The weather (aside from a bout of thundershowers late yesterday) was spectacular.  We drove up to the mountains to scope out the piece of land in North Carolina that we have been thinking about buying.  

We bought an old Land Rover Discovery to drive up the mountain roads that haven’t been used in years.  It was an adventure…and Indiana Jones, the (huge) puppy, went along for the ride.  Indy has decided he really likes to ride in the car now.  He goes almost everywhere with us now. 

It was peaceful in the mountains.  It made me so relaxed, I was almost willing to say yes to a yurt.


I suppose I might be willing to go camping in a yurt, but I prefer a bit more substantial walls for my permanent residence.  So no yurt in this life.  Maybe the next one…

I really need to get a little rest tonight.  Tomorrow night is book club/game night and it’s my turn to host. 

Believe it or not, I actually read the book this time! 

Until the next time…I’ll be getting ready for the circus big top...animal crackers anyone?

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Posted on September 12, 2010 .