would you like some cheese with that whine?

My husband came home from work this evening, and poured me a nice glass of wine. It was completely unexpected.  He brought the wine home for me without being asked.  He must have seen the bells and heard the whistles of the PMS early detection system going off like the 4th of July this morning, and he must have been afraid.  And the best way to protect oneself against PMS is to medicate the crap out of it. 

Hence the wine. 

And if ever I needed a glass of wine, tonight would have been the night.  Nothing much happened.  It was a very blah day in a week of blah days…all two of them so far.  I was supposed to have a lovely girl’s night out, but as things happen sometimes, it didn’t pan out.  There is no one to blame other than life itself…perhaps the “shit happens” mantra should be inserted here. 

Instead of having dinner with my friends, I sat at home and curled up on the sofa with a good book.  Well, good may have been a stretch.  It was one of my favorite authors, but it wasn’t her best work.  I suppose the writer in me can’t help correcting grammar and typing errors, especially when those sorts of things are supposed to get caught by the editors before they go to print.  As I type that, I wonder how many typing errors have gotten past my editor (me) and made it into the blog recently.  Don’t tell me…I don’t really want to know.

And now back to our sponsor, wine…

I have barely worked my way through a single glass, but I can feel the warmth coursing through me, healing my aching body as it goes.  I’ve decided I like wine.  In small doses anyway.  

I wouldn’t mind a second glass tonight.  Maybe I would sleep really well, and we could all use a really good night’s sleep now and then couldn’t we?

Until the next time…there will be more wine!

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Posted on September 8, 2010 .