blogtober game night

We are thoroughly immersed into the month of October, and therefore, we have made it to the monthly “book club/game night.” 

My excitement started a week ago when I got the reminder email and everyone in the group was referred to as their blog names.  Mrs. Jones, Miss Congeniality, Mrs. Weenie, Picasso Pina Colada, Token Tom, Mrs. Blog (me), and our newest addition to the book club, new neighbor Mrs. Newbie. 

You know you’re doing something right when the blog becomes part of the evening. 

Tonight, we zipped through the book topic…honestly; I didn’t even remember what the title was this time.  I know that’s even worse than not reading it, and I will truly try to read the book next month.  I was just excited to get to the game. 

The game was another laugh fest called Imagine If, and again, we played using our “blog” names.   Mrs. Weenie won again this month…but the important thing to note is that Mrs. Jones has yet to win a game—something that I’m sure she would like to change in the very near future.  We are quite competitive…in a non violent way.  There was no pie thrown.  No drinks spilled.  But lots and lots of laughs. 

I feel lucky to have such a great bunch of friends.  I’m looking forward to our next gathering.  That will be at my house, for the annual Halloween party.  I still have a lot to do around the house to get ready.  I’d better get decorating!

I wonder what I should be this year?  Any ideas?

Until the next time…I will be hanging spider webs from the chandeliers!

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Posted on October 12, 2010 .