what’s wrong with a little chocolate?

I think I have discovered why my willpower has been so completely compromised during this Halloween week.  It would appear that PMS has reared its ugly head yet again.  Although, you would think by now I would have the dates worked out so this sort of thing didn’t catch me so unaware.  Yet as PMS goes, this has been a relatively uneventful episode.  I really can’t complain.  Other than my overindulgence in candy, I hadn’t noticed any symptoms.  I’ve even been relatively even tempered, all things considered.  Then again, I have self medicated on large doses of chocolate after all!

Through some random stroke of luck, I was able to sleep until ten this morning.  Of course, I did get up at three, five and six thirty for the dogs…but that has been a pattern lately.  The sleeping until ten has not.  So I felt quite refreshed when I finally rolled out of bed. 

I spent most of the day cleaning the house and watching scary movies on Netflix.  Such is the Friday before Halloween.  The good news is, it’s officially the weekend.  And I need to get to bed early tonight.  I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.  I will be getting ready for the party tomorrow night. 


Until the next time…I’ll be carving pumpkins and making witches fingers!

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Posted on October 29, 2010 .