bingo was his name-o

Well…we’ve had more reasons to say that fall is officially here lately, but I’m adding just one more.  Both of the girls are sick. 

Nothing says welcome to fall like a good old fashioned case of strep throat.  So we’ve stocked up on the antibiotics and codeine cough syrup, and we’re ready to hunker down for a few days.  Lucky for me, I’m immune to strep.  And keeping the girls indoors for the day gave me a chance to actually work on the Halloween decorations around the house.  My front porch is now equipped with skulls, gargoyles, and a few nasty ghouls to greet the neighbors. 

Now I just need to finish up on the inside. 

While I was decorating, I also started the first official pot of chili of the season.  This too is a work in progress as (and anyone who knows chili knows this) chili is always better on the second day.  Luckily I made enough for two days worth so we will be eating chili tomorrow night too. 

After dinner, Mike and I wandered off for a little “grown-up” time and found ourselves at the local Irish pub on Bingo night.  And let me just say that I love Bingo!  I hadn’t played in years. 

My mother used to take us to play Bingo at the local community center when I was a kid, and I have not quite outgrown the thrill of hearing the numbers called out and realizing that I have won.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get bingo tonight.  But it was still fun.  Even Mike seemed to enjoy himself.  He got so excited that he called out “bingo” once when he didn’t even have bingo. 

All in all, not a bad Tuesday…outside of the strep throat, that is.  But you just can’t have everything, can you? 

Tomorrow is another day.

Until the next time…I’ll be playing bingo in my sleep!

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Posted on October 6, 2010 .