the chicken or the egg

I had a chiropractor appointment today.   It was my first visit at this office, so I was given the full work up.  Not my favorite thing, having a full work up at a medical office.  Especially in unflattering paper shorts and a hospital gown—with the requisite slice up the back!

It’s a damn good thing I remembered to shave my legs this morning. 

So after my grueling ordeal wherein I was poked and prodded, twisted and bent in pretzel-like positions—sort of like playing twister without the colored circles on the floor—I have one question. 

Do I fall down a lot because my spine is out of alignment, or is my spine out of alignment because I fall down a lot?

What came first is a question that even the doctor could not answer.  I argued that I was clumsy first because I was clumsy coming out of the womb.  The chiropractor argued that coming out of the womb is, in and of itself, a torturous adventure that can leave an infant with a misaligned spine!  The simple truth is…we may never know the truth.

The good news is, they have a half off massage special going on, and I would really like a massage.  Especially after having my vertebrae poked before I even had dinner! 

But there was no time for a massage today.  As much as I would like to have walked out of there completely cured of my balance issues, and in perfect spinal alignment, I walked out much the same as I walked in.  Well, other than those nagging sore spots where my bones were studied.  Maybe I’ll be cured after my next visit.  I have a lunchtime appointment set for next Tuesday.  I know…I’m a glutton for punishment.

Until the next time…I’ll be begging my husband for a free massage.

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Posted on November 18, 2010 .