election day

Some days I would like to pull out something I wrote a long time ago and just recycle it.  Some days I don’t feel like writing a blog at all.  Some days I just want to be lazy. 

Those are the days when writing is most important.

So today I’m going to put myself into my “happy place”.  The place I go when I want the creativity to flow.  It’s not a real place, but it’s locked inside my head and only I have the key. 

Today, my happy place is a small cottage in a dark wooded forest.  Outside, the night is cold and snow is falling lightly, covering the ground.  Inside, there is a raging fire burning in the rustic stone fireplace, and old wool rugs warm the worn wooden floor.  The walls are stone on one side, and rough hewn wood on the others.  The ceiling is also made of weathered wood and it’s low, but not so low as to make you feel claustrophobic.  It feels more like the walls are hugging you in their warmth.  I sit curled up on a battered leather sofa, nestled into the soft smooth cushions—the old leather is warmed by my body heat.  A bevy of rusted lanterns line the craggy old mantle providing the only light, other than the fire below.  But I don’t need more light.  I have a light within that glows. 

Ok…enough of my happy place.  It’s really just a modified version of my keeping room anyway. 

I built a fire in my very own (real) fireplace and parked myself in my favorite chair to watch HGTV on the flat screen above the mantle while I write my blog. 

A blog about not much at all…because I spent my day cleaning out the refrigerator and running errands. 

I almost forgot to vote this morning, and very nearly went in my pajamas just because I didn't think anyone would notice.  I changed my mind at the last minute. The polling place for us is practically across the street from my vet.  And I had to go there too. 

After my weekly visit to the vet, my six month old Mastiff puppy, Indiana Jones, has been weighed (ninety-nine pounds) and has freshly trimmed nails.  I have a new thirty pound bag of dog food that will last me about a week and a day, and my clean refrigerator is stocked with food for the people in our house.  My husband (who works far too many hours to even consider the two hour daily commute when he could just work from home) worked from the office today and arrived home late, delighted to see that the house was still pristine and dinner was ready.  This should allow me room to slack off for a few days without much notice.  I could use a total slacker day. 

Maybe tomorrow.

For now, I think I’ll just enjoy the fire for a little while longer before going to bed.  I’m loving this cool weather we’re having…it reminds me of what November is supposed to be. 

Until the next time…I’ll be dreaming up things to do while I’m being a slacker.

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Posted on November 2, 2010 .