Happy Thanksgiving!

One pie down

I am proud of myself.  This year I got a jump on the Thanksgiving cooking by making one pie, the sweet potatoes, and the cornbread dressing the night before. 

Well, I helped…with some of it.  Ok, I did the shopping.

My niece made the pie.  My husband made the rest.  What did I do?  A whole lot of laundry.  My husband will be thankful for clean clothes this year.  And clean clothes are important!

I will be up early tomorrow cooking.  Even if I will only play the part of the chef’s assistant for much of the morning, I will still be quite busy.  And the stuffing and the gravy are all my responsibility, as is the pumpkin pie.  So I will hardly get off easily this year. 

But I’m leaving the rabbit to my husband. 

No rabbits will be harmed by the writer of this blog!  Not even rabbits that were purchased already cleaned for cooking at the local Whole Foods Market. 

The turkey will not be so lucky.  I will gladly get my hands on him first thing in the morning, so I’d better head to bed.  Tomorrow will be a very long day!

Until the next time…I’ll be elbow deep stuffing a turkey!

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Posted on November 24, 2010 .