'twas the blog before christmas

T’was the blog before Christmas and all through the town

The people were nasty…they all wore a frown

The stores were all packed with the last minute shoppers

With bags filled with perfume, TVs, and corn poppers

And I was among them as if on a dare

One last present to find but it wasn’t there

I searched and I scavenged without any luck

So on the day before Christmas I said, “what the f…”

“I’ll hop in my car and I’ll head to the store

There might be a shop I hadn’t searched through before.”

But I wasn’t alone on my last minute outing

In fact, there was a mob in the parking lot shouting

“On douchebag, on dickhead, on asshole, on prick.”

Guaranteed language to piss off Saint Nick

So when they open their stockings first thing Christmas morning

They’ll probably find lumps of coal and a warning

Remember that Christmas doesn’t come from the mall

It’s not about presents or shopping at all

I love giving gifts though the holiday season

But gift giving really just isn’t the reason

There are so many things that make Christmas for me

And most of those aren’t even under the tree

I’d say peace on earth and goodwill toward men

As long as I can still have my gingerbread men...


Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Until the next time…I’ll be spending some much needed time with the family!

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Posted on December 25, 2010 .