things are getting very hairy!

It is freezing cold in Atlanta Georgia today. 

The cold snap that dumped buckets of snow in the northern states has moved into the south with a vengeance, and all I can say is…thank goodness for the winter coat!

My girls and I were just discussing our winter coats the other day.  I jokingly told them they didn’t need new razor heads because the cold front was moving in, and they would need that extra layer of fur.  Who knew I would be so right? 

I’m pretty sure the human body was designed this way…to build a nice warm outer coat of hair to keep us warm in colder weather.  But as American women, we work diligently to remove this fur coat before it has a chance to fill in. 

Unless we run out of razors.

This is when a household of three women turns into a war zone.  With only one unused razor head and three sets of hairy legs, the battle can get ugly!  Of course, I had the razor head stashed in my bathroom, so the only way anyone could get it would be if I relinquished it.  But I had no desire to give up my precious razor.  If you hadn’t noticed lately, razors are expensive these days, and I haven’t been clipping coupons. 

My husband believes that in tough times, people grow their hair longer and let beards come in to save on trips to the salon.  I believe this financial conservation extends to women and their razors.  We try to stretch it out longer and longer. 

But at some point, it becomes ridiculous. 

The girls and I were comparing our situations…in the most ridiculously exaggerated manner.  We were trying to compete for the most desperate condition to win the remaining razor head.  Despite the fact that I should have won, I did not, and I relinquished the last razor to one of the girls.  Honestly, I didn’t even realize under arm hair could get that long!

Later that night I went to the store for milk and grabbed another package of razors. 

I have decided that, cold weather and fiscal responsibility aside, women were not meant to have hair on their legs or under their arms.  There is something very unladylike about that.  And as much as my husband likes to conserve energy and resources, it would seem that he is willing to splurge in the razor department. 

Who knew? 

Of course, if I play my cards right, I can get a few higher wattage light bulbs out of the deal too.  Everyone knows you need proper light to shave your legs.  Especially someone who is as tragically uncoordinated as I am…

Until the next time…I’ll be shedding that winter coat just as the really cold weather hits!

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Posted on December 7, 2010 .