the morning after

Daylight savings time totally kicked my ass this morning.  It started the night before as I was having a horrible time falling asleep.  As I spent the day walking around like a flesh eating zombie, I tried to make the impassioned plea to the world, blaming daylight savings for why I was so tired, but I was told that the time change was no excuse.  It’s just one hour, said they. 

Now, why anyone could possibly think that simply telling me to turn the clocks ahead by one hour would suddenly cause my internal clock to shift into gear at the mere mention is beyond me.  I told my clocks what time it was.  The time was changed in my cars, my phone, my computer, my television, even my microwave.  Those devices responded by accepting the new time without putting up the slightest fight.  My body—my brain—on the other hand, was having nothing of it.  When midnight rolled around on the bedside clock, my internal clock called it a liar, and refused to send the sleepy time signal to my brain.  And when the alarm went off at seven the next morning, that same internal clock let out a string of obscenities that would make even me blush, and I was a sailor in a previous life!  My entire day was a casualty of the change in time.  

Well, not everything.

In some ways, today was a wonderful day.  I really felt the outpouring of love from my readers after yesterday’s blog.  I would have never expected so many people to have so many nice things to say.  And then, after much thought and careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that being verbally attacked on my blog just meant that I had hit the big time.  I mean, who goes after someone unworthy of examination?  That would be a complete waste of time, right?  No, they go after people who are going someplace.  Someplace up. 

And let me tell you, the view from up here is fabulous, I have to say.  I can almost see Alaska…or is that Acworth…I can never tell.  You know, a big chocolate Labrador running through the yard late in the evening looks remarkably like a grizzly bear bearing down on you.  Especially now that she’s shedding so heavily.  Her internal clock appears to be telling her that spring is just around the corner despite the fact that I swear those were snow flurries I saw floating around the air tonight. 

And speaking of the animals…I seem to recall someone asking about Henry Chow the other day.  Henry Chow is alive and well (not part of the stew) although it was touch and go for him today.  My fearless ninja kitty was accosted by the grandpuppy this evening.  Grandpuppy Rowdy apparently mistook Henry Chow’s tail for a stuffed animal and managed to remove a mouthful of fur.  I know this only because I saw him spitting the fur out of his mouth.  I inspected the cat for damage, and could not find any evidence that he was short any fur.  This further proves my theory that Henry Chow has a constantly replenishing coat.  He sheds enough fur on a daily basis to create an entirely new cat, and yet there never seems to be any change his appearance.  Despite his supernatural abilities, I have found a new respect for Henry Chow after watching him interact with the puppy.  Regardless of his standing as the new alpha, the fearless ninja kitty, unafraid to take on ninety pound Labradors or two hundred pound humans, did not strike out at the puppy even after having his tail thrashed about in the razor sharp teeth of the pup.

I definitely think animals have far more intelligence than we give them credit for. 

Unless you leave a window open that is.

Oh hey, I passed a troop of cookie dealers on the side of the road today and kept on driving.  Well, I wasn’t actually driving, my daughter was, but I didn’t ask her to stop.  And that was a huge step for me.  I may have officially burned myself out on the Girl Scout cookies once and for all.  It was bound to happen.  Can’t have too much of a good thing, and all that.  It was a good run.  I really enjoyed the cool crisp crunch of the chocolately mint crack biscuits.  But I think I’ll move on to a new food obsession.  Maybe spinach sautéed in garlic and olive oil.   That’s even good for me.  I don’t know.  Maybe tomorrow. 

I haven’t had caffeine in two whole days, so I’m falling asleep as I think.  It may just take me a week or so to get used to this new time change thing.    

Until the next time…I’ll be working hard to readjust my internal clock.

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Posted on March 15, 2010 .