i’m a rock star!

I had an interesting Friday night. I spent the entire evening singing in front of a live audience.  I love singing, almost as much as writing.  We creative types just love attention I suppose.  There are worse things, I’m sure. 

My husband’s weekend trip to visit his grandmother was cancelled when he suddenly came down with a migraine headache, just hours before he was set to go.   After taking a nap (and a few antihistamines) he felt somewhat better, so I dragged him with me.  It’s funny…he’s the one person who is never overly impressed with me.  He doesn’t rave about my writing, or my singing.  I guess you could say he keeps me grounded.  It’s hard to get a big head when those around you everyday aren’t impressed.  I think he secretly thinks I’m wonderful, but he’s afraid if he flatters me too much, I will become impossible to live with.  I’m sure he’s right. 

I was going to take a little break tonight, and maybe snuggle up with my husband to watch a movie.  But instead we’re watching a documentary on Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.  Nothing like a dead president to bring out the romantic in all of us.  Maybe not.  So instead, I’ve decided to go to sleep early so I can wake up ready to tackle my day—a work day Saturday.  And then I can officially start my weekend.  All one day of it.  It’s supposed to be a beautiful sunny day tomorrow.  I may even stay out in the sun for a while.

I can’t wait! I love the weekend.

Until the next time…I’ll be looking for the highest possible SPF available!

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Posted on April 16, 2010 .