good friday

Whew…my Friday was a long grueling day, and I’m glad it’s over.  I suspect tomorrow may be worse though, because my mother is in town visiting, and I imagine she has a full day planned for us.  Museums…shopping…and a visit to the botanical gardens. 

I’m tired already.

Tomorrow is Easter eve, and as such I need to decide whether or not I’m doing Easter baskets for the kids this year.  I’m getting conflicting input from the children as to whether or not they are too old for chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.  I’m certain there is no age limit for chocolate or sugar consumption, as I am still fighting constant urges to gorge myself on frozen minty chocolate treats, but I’m also certain I would love to skip the holiday altogether this year.  I don’t need anything else to tempt me from my journey away from the dark (chocolate) side. The jury is still out, and I suspect my mother will be the deciding vote.  If I’m not mistaken, she still has a fondness for black jelly beans and marshmallow peeps—two things that I despise yet were never missing from my Easter basket as a child.  I have often suspected she put them there solely so she could eat them.  It’s terrible to suspect your mother of such sneaky behavior, but I’m sure I’m not far off.  I would never do something like that myself.  Just ask my kids.  They only got the really good chocolate.  It’s not my fault that Alexa doesn’t like chocolate and always gave hers to me. 

I think she might like the marshmallow peeps. 

Here’s hoping it’s a great weekend!  I promise to keep you posted tomorrow.

Until the next time…I’ll be heading to bed to conserve my energy!

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Posted on April 2, 2010 .