how do they get the fortune inside the cookie anyway?

Today was my day off—my favorite day of the week.  And as days off go, it was a good one.  A great day off even.  I did have to be dragged out of bed around nine thirty because the “super” antihistamine had not quite worn off after twelve hours.  But the good news was I was able to walk on my own by then.  I wasn’t necessarily happy about it.  I would have gladly slept for a few more hours, but it wasn’t in the cards today.

My daughter was forced to administer a bit of the “tough love” she must have learned from one of her teenager TV shows, and she forced me to leave the house for a little shopping expedition.  I knew what this “really” was.  I’m a smart cookie.  This was a ploy to get me out in the fresh air.  For my own good.  She wasn’t the least bit interested in shopping!

Right.  I haven’t had THAT much antihistamine in my system!

We spent a little time, and a little more money, and had a nice afternoon.  I felt more relaxed than I had in days.  I didn’t even mind taking her to a friend’s house.  Or having dinner on my own, because everyone else was otherwise engaged.  It happens! 

I decided to get Chinese food.  I will take advantage of any excuse to eat out, as you know.  Still, I tried to eat as healthy as possible.  I had steamed rice instead of fried.  And I picked the least fried chicken dish.  It was ok, as healthy Chinese food goes.  As usual, my favorite part of the meal was the fortune cookie.  And my fortune was an especially good one.  It said that, “business and health matters will improve around you.”

And they had better…I have that in writing!

As for my health, I still itch.  But considering the fact that the alternative was akin to being turned into a zombie, I’ve decided I don’t mind the itch that much after all.  I may change my mind somewhere around the middle of the night, but as for now, I’m good.  I’m still a little groggy from last night’s dose. 

I’m not a fan of medicine.  I suppose that’s why I never dabbled in drugs.  Of course, it would appear I’m making up for it by dabbling in blood pressure medications.  I’m trying a new one tonight.  Hopefully I won’t breakout from this one.  We’ll see. After all, health matters will improve around me.  The fortune cookie told me so!

Until the next time…I’ll be framing my fortune!

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Posted on May 19, 2010 .