those lazy days of almost summer

Another hot day in Atlanta.

All it took was a quick step out the front door and I think my skin may have melted off my bones. 

Maybe not.

But, it was hot.  It was so hot that the seventy-five degree setting on my central air conditioning felt icy.  It just reminded me how much I dislike Atlanta summers.  And it’s not even really summer yet!  Of course, I don’t hate it so much that I would pass up going out for a few hours to help celebrate the grand opening of my friend’s new swim school.  I just tried to hover in the only square of space that had air conditioning.

Most of the day is a big blur.  Saturdays are like that.  Especially when they swelter.  Mike and I made a quick trip to the local home improvement store, and a longer one to my favorite book store.  Nothing too exciting.  It was just the two of us all day.  Our empty nest summer is well under way. 

With no kids at the house to complain about it, Mike made a completely vegetarian dinner for us.  It wasn’t bad.  I even ate the roasted beets.  No ice cream today.  No treats of any kind. 

I have high hopes for tomorrow.

They don’t call them sundaes for nothing.

Until the next time…I’ll be catching up on some reading.


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Posted on June 12, 2010 .