gotta love that simple life

One of the best parts of having OCD is the focus it gives you when you find a new obsession. 

I would definitely say that I have functional OCD.  It’s the good kind, not the bad kind.  I’m nothing like Howard Hughes, but even Howard Hughes wouldn’t have been the genius that he was without a healthy dose of that OCD. 

I have jumped on the couponing bandwagon with a new level of enthusiasm.  Despite my husband’s initial irritation with my new endeavor, he is thoroughly impressed with the amount of money I have saved.  In the past few days I have saved over $125, while at the same time stocking the house with enough soap, laundry detergent, deodorant, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste, and assorted other necessities to last at least six months. 

This has all become a large part of operation “simple life”.  Mike has spent hours working in the garden so that we can be semi self-sustaining at home.  So my part of the project is to make the house run like an old fashioned household.  I haven’t eaten in a restaurant in days.  I’ve shopped with a collection of coupons that has impressed all that have seen the layout spread across my breakfast table.  I’ve cooked the meals at home.  Even the kids are excited about the home cooking. 

The whole thing has managed to kick a new thought into my focus. 

Owning a working farm in the mountains. 

I have spent countless hours pouring over internet listings for land and farms.  This is one fixation my husband is perfectly happy to indulge.  He would love nothing more than to move to a farm in a remote area.  Where he could grow his own food, raise goats for the milk to make cheese, and live off the land—and off the grid.  It has become his dream…and my new obsession.

Unfortunately, this obsession will have to wait. 

We have a lot that needs to be accomplished here in Atlanta.  I had better get started!

Until the next time…I’ll be clipping more coupons…maybe I can save enough to buy a farm!

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Posted on June 17, 2010 .