maybe just one…

A wise old friend once told me that I should drink more.  And an even wiser family member said that it was the best advice ever.  I wouldn’t be very smart if I was disregarding good advice everyday…would I?

But a smart girl doesn’t mix drugs and alcohol.  So I’m skipping the medicine tonight and having a few (light) drinks.  As anyone who knows me well will tell you…I’m a light drink kinda girl. 

I’ve got to say…the best part about taking advice is when it works.  I feel completely relaxed this evening.  And it was a busy day too. 

Alexa started her new job today. 

She’s working at my favorite shop, My Girlfriend’s Boutique, in Kennesaw, Georgia.  The very place I bought the crazy pink sweater. 

The best part about her having a job is that she doesn’t tell me how bored she is all day.  Summer is a double edged sword.  The kids are chomping at the bit to have school over, but the minute summer break starts, they complain about having nothing to do.  So I have become the unofficial “cruise director” for the teenagers.  And I’m running out of ways to disguise housework as a fun activity.

Today I managed to squeeze a few hours out of the day to have lunch with my sister and hit up the pharmacies for more coupon deals.  She had to show me all of her “loot” from her morning of shopping.  I imagine it’s pretty funny to see two grown women leaning over the trunk of a car checking out the piles of deodorant, tampons, and body wash like some sort of bizarre drug deal gone very wrong.  We probably looked like we’d robbed a drug store.  It would almost be funny to have a policeman try to investigate the scenario as we tried to shield the goods from view—not because there is anything illegal about deodorant, but it does melt in the hot sun. 

My sister may have gone a little overboard with her purchases.  She did very well on the savings, but she doesn’t even wear contacts.  What is she going to do with two bottles of contact solution?  I didn’t even ask.  I didn’t want to ruin her shopping buzz.  I just said goodbye as she zoomed off to find another pharmacy to plunder with her rolodex of coupons. 

I had every intention of ignoring the house today after the thorough cleaning I gave it yesterday, but after being outside long enough to feel the effects of the ninety-plus degree weather, I decided that I would find something to do in the air conditioned house.  Climbing a ladder to clean the tops of the kitchen cabinets would ordinarily be the last place you would find me, but not today. 

Today that was exactly where I was.                       

It’s amazing how much grease finds its way to the tops of the cabinets.  Even completely across the room from the stove!  And the grease on the top of the cabinets is much harder to clean than any other grease I’ve ever cleaned.  It’s a very good thing I had nothing better to do today than to climb a ladder and wash the tops of my cabinets.  Who knows how bad it would have gotten if I had cooked bacon even more time!

Tomorrow I’ll have to clean the counters and floors again.  I’m sure bacon grease dust found its way down there today.  And I need to finish puppy proofing the house before Saturday.

But for now, I’m just relaxing with my husband.  I’ve had my one blueberry lemonade wine cooler and I’m feeling the effects of the thimble full of alcohol that was probably in there.  (I told you I was a lightweight.)  I’ll probably sleep well.  And a good night’s sleep is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Until the next time…I’ll be dreaming of my new puppy!

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Posted on June 24, 2010 .