taking it easy is hard!

Ah the simple life is grand.

I had leftover pizza for breakfast…at lunch time.  I started a stew that might be ready tomorrow.  I clipped a lot of coupons, and even went online to find more.  If only I could have gone shopping—I would have saved a ton!

I’ve had a few people ask me, “Where did all the leftovers come from?”  The simple answer is…we cooked a LOT while staying in the cabin, and we brought everything back home that we didn’t eat there.  Oh, and my husband took me out for my last restaurant meal, and we had pizza.  We brought home several pieces of veggie pizza that I finished off today.  I suppose that means that I’ve not exactly been eating what I should, but at least I’m not being wasteful. 

I didn’t have a very adventurous day today.  I did tidy up the bathroom, and did a few loads of laundry.  I even ran the dishes so the kitchen is back to sparkling clean.  Like I said…hardly things to write about. 

At least it was a relatively stress free day.

The teenage girls are still staying with friends after the torture of being forced to spend an entire week with their parents in a mountain cabin.  That has not stopped them from texting me for money to eat Chinese food.  My son, who was so gung ho about leaving the nest just two days ago, has stalled in his moving and is now perched atop my sofa cooking a frozen pizza in my oven that he will undoubtedly eat while watching my TV.  My husband, who had to go back to the office today, ended up turning around and coming home several hours early with a fever and chills, and has passed out cold in the bed preventing me from putting the clean sheets back on.  And in my quest to live the simple life, I left all the back doors open so the dogs could come and go as they pleased in the yard, and now I am missing one ninja kitty.  I would be more worried than I am if I wasn’t completely convinced that he can fend for himself in the wild…considering he has such sharp claws and a scary demeanor. 

Is there really any such thing as a stress free day?  Because, I don’t think so. 

My sister has promised to go swimming with me on Wednesday…if I live that long that is. 

I have a very good plan for tomorrow.  I’m going to eat oatmeal for breakfast, go for a light brisk walk in the park, and have a healthy salad for lunch.  I haven’t planned any further than that, but it’s a good start.  If I haven’t found the cat yet, I may have to run an ad or make a flyer…

Missing…One Ninja Kitty…approach with caution…could be armed and dangerous…he will definitely shed all over you!

Until the next time…I’ll be wrestling with putting the sheets on as my husband sleeps!

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Posted on June 7, 2010 .