amish lifestyle…here I come!

Mike and I headed out into the country today on a quest to find a piece of land in the middle of nowhere.  Since we first met, we have talked about buying a piece of property in the woods and living like pioneers.  I didn’t really pay that close attention to the talk of pioneers, but I definitely liked the idea of living away from it all.

The discussion came back up after our romantic cabin getaway back in December.  We spent three days in a secluded cabin in the north Georgia Mountains.  I decided right then and there that I didn’t need all the stuff people think they need.  I don’t need a big house with a TV in every room to be happy. 

Then we took the entire family back to the north Georgia Mountains in May.  It was another reminder of how relaxing and meaningful life can be when you don’t have the hustle and bustle of the city to distract you.  Add to that one dose of painful reality, and I was mentally packing my bags and selling my non-essentials. I’m not saying I’m ready to turn in my cell phone or laptop just yet, but I’m more than willing to de-clutter the rest of my life.  

So it was no stretch of the imagination that I would be searching for my perfect getaway along those same north Georgia Mountains.  Although, I still don’t think anyone expected us to be serious.  The truth is, a lot of writers have mountain cabins where they soak up the inspiration.  I’m not sure if I could ever really live like the Amish.  I wouldn’t mind baking bread, and tending chickens, and even wearing clothes without buttons…but there are just certain things I couldn’t live without.  Like running water, and flushing toilets.  Of course, if I end up living in the woods, I’ll definitely need another English Mastiff to protect me from bears and lions.  Possibly even rabid squirrels.  And snakes.  Probably other things that hide in the tall grasses too.  In all honesty, I’m probably not at all well suited for places overrun with creepy crawlies, but I guess that’s why they invented bug spray. 

We found a few places that would be ideal for our mountain getaway on our travels today.  The good news was, we still had cell service even way out there past the cow farms and llama ranches.  And with any luck, we’d be able to get internet services as well.  Otherwise I may have to rethink this whole “living in the country” thing.  Being Amish is one thing…giving up all the modern convenience is entirely something else. 

Until the next time…I’ll be making a list of things I can live without.

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Posted on August 2, 2010 .