it is times like these when I wish I had a maid

All of my procrastination has finally caught up with me. 

I spent the entire day cleaning my house today. 

Today is Wednesday—only two days before the last weekend of summer—and I have out of town guests coming in…and I have so much yet to do. 

Today I tackled the guest bath upstairs.  A room I seldom frequent, and therefore had no idea how truly disgusting it was.  My son used to use this bathroom before he moved out, but now it is used solely by my husband’s youngest child when she stays with us every other weekend. I’m not entirely sure who was the culprit responsible for most of the mess, but regardless, I had my work cut out for me. 

Thank goodness I had a full arsenal of cleaning products at my disposal. 

The house is relatively clean now, except of course, for the remaining ninety some odd pounds of pears that are still left in barrels, baskets, and buckets on my counters. 

I will have to do something about the pears by Friday.  Eating them all is obviously out of the question, but we will have to make some sort of arrangements for them.

Tomorrow is another day of housework.

I have to set up the guest room.  We don’t often entertain overnight guests who aren’t family, so it’s very exciting.  Especially since I haven’t seen my friends since high school! 

This means the house isn’t the only thing that needs attending.  I will surely need to schedule a salon day between now and eight o’clock Friday evening.  Gray hairs and unattended eyebrows are NOT acceptable when seeing friends after several decades apart!

And so, I should tuck myself into bed to get what beauty rest I can with only a few days left before their arrival.  Every little bit helps…

Until the next time…I’ll be dusting the cobwebs from my old yearbooks!

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Posted on September 2, 2010 .