I need to fall asleep thinking nice thoughts

I had a dream the other night. 

It was more of a recurring nightmare.  I have had this dream in some variation, many times.  I am riding in a car, with someone I know (but seldom ever the same person) at the wheel.  They back up slightly, in an attempt to turn around—but we are too close to a cliff, or a chasm, or some other deep drop off—and we fall backwards into the abyss.  

It is really very scary. 

I always seem to survive—miraculously—but as I am falling, I am convinced that it is no dream.  I am convinced that I am truly falling to my death. 

I’m not sure if this recurring nightmare of mine is because of my fear of heights, or rather the cause of it.  It could be one of those, “which came first” scenarios.  The dream is the chicken and the fear is the egg or something like that. 

But last night when I had my scary, cliff falling dream, the ending was quite different.  This time after surviving my harrowing fall, I found myself upside down.  Not as in upside down in the car.  I was walking around upside down in my dream.  And I was the only person who was upside down.  Everyone else was walking on the floor while I was walking on the ceiling. 

It was very, Alice in Wonderland, if you ask me.  I wondered if it had anything to do with my newly diagnosed case of vertigo. Should I be worried that I am now dreaming upside down?

I suppose I could ask the doctor next time I see him. 

Although, I think he reads my blog now, so he may already be trying to think of reasons why I would be dreaming such strange things.

Or not.

Until the next time…I’ll be thinking nice thoughts before I fall asleep.

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Posted on January 19, 2011 .