ten in the bed

My kids used to love the children’s book, “Ten in the Bed.” I think it was a song too.   It was about a bed full of animals and one small child.  The child would tell them to move over and as they did, one would fall out.  The kids used to laugh every time someone fell out of the bed. 

I don’t exactly have ten in the bed, but I definitely need someone to roll over.

Mike and I are tucked into our spacious king size bed and suddenly there is little space for us.  Indy has snuggled up between us and the cats have parked themselves on the pillows.  It is quite comical.  Indy is the size of an adult person, and the cats aren’t exactly tiny.  The only problem is, if anyone rolls over, I’m going to fall out. 

It won’t last long.  As soon as Indy discovers the cats are in the bed, he will pounce on them and give chase.  Ten in the bed will quickly become a Tom and Jerry cartoon as the dog chases the cats through the house, knocking over boxes and lamps. 

I guess the moral of the story is, life is back to normal, for the most part anyway.  We still have a few things to move tomorrow, and then we need to clean up the old house for the new owners.  I think I might be a little sad about that.  But I’m going to put a positive spin on things yet again and say, change is good. 

Let’s face it…change is necessary.  Nothing can stay the same.  The river of life will continue to flow and we will ride it to a new destination.  The trick is to be the captain of your vessel rather than just a bystander.  You have to steer your life in the right direction rather than let it steer you.  I’ve got my wheel, and I know where I’m going. 

And life is good.

Better now that we have the bed to ourselves.

Until the next time…I’m going to ride the river to dreamland for a while.

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Posted on January 29, 2011 .