blowing bones

Ok, don’t get all excited.  I’m fairly certain you came here thinking you were going to find something extremely juicy.  Maybe even something dirty.  That doesn’t mean I won’t use your assumptions to my advantage.  Oh sure, I’m hoping you’ll click on the blog searching for some sort of photographic evidence…a little naughty rhetoric perhaps.  I know how you are.  Some may even have their finger hovering above the delete key, ready to clear the page at the first or maybe the second glimpse of the indecent (you need to get a close enough peek to be sure, right?)  But don’t go getting all “moral majority” on me. I’m sorry to say, blowing bones doesn’t mean what you think it means. Take your head out of the Playboy channel and think more along the lines of the Flintstones. 

Blowing bones is a metaphor…or more specifically…a challenge blog.

I guess I should explain…

Once upon a time there was a dark queen in Twitterland who decided I should write a blog about a funny conversation that took place in a private chat in the world of Triberr.  

Still doesn’t make sense?  I’m not surprised. 

Ok…Triberr is like a special club for writers and bloggers to increase their internet reach.  In the world of Triberr, bones are currency.  You need bones to add a new person to the tribe.  You need bones to blend with a new tribe.  You need bones to expand your tribe.  Bones, bones, bones.  And as we all know, just say the word “bones” and people immediately head for the gutter.  Add a group of female writers and the fun never stops.

It’s true, guys…if you get a group of women alone together we’re going to go “there”.  And believe me, there’s a whole lot of “boning” going on in Triberr.  We bone a slot, and giggle.  We bone a new tribe mate, and giggle some more.  We snort water out of our noses at the mere mention of boning to “inbreed”.  Oh yes, we inbreed. 

And we laugh…a lot!

I don’t know if the two guys responsible for bringing us Triberr had any idea their special brand of currency would bring so much joy to a bunch of silly women writers…but it certainly does.  And we don’t leave the fun to the private chat of our little tribe.  No, we bring it to the wide open stream of Twitter.  Imagine all the new followers I’ve gained just from suggesting I would be “blowing bones” this evening.  And the giggles continue. 

Somewhere in the far reaches of Sydney, Australia there is a law firm trying to figure out why one of their own…a lawyer by day, writer by night…is in a near constant state of hysteria, wiping spewed drink from her computer screen on an almost daily basis.  Because that’s what happens when a writer in Las Vegas decides she needs to “grow her bones” to build the tribe.  Or when a writer in Orange County, California decides to “slip us a bone to fill a slot”.  And the writer right here in Atlanta, Georgia giggles all night long as she tries to come up with yet another way to blow some bones. 

Hey, I know we’re silly.  I’m not trying to hide it.  But if you can’t laugh at the funny things in life, there’s just something wrong with you.  Life is funny. 

Find something to laugh at. 

Until the next time…I’ll be getting ready for tomorrow night’s special guest, author Joni B Cole!

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Posted on October 6, 2011 .