you will be visited by three ghosts

No…the dog isn’t seeing ghosts on the deck again.  And no…I’m not brushing up on my Christmas movies just yet.  It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s a challenge blog.

So what on earth would the challenge be to make me start off with talk of ghosts? 

“Go to your bookcase and pull the fifth book on the top row and go to page fifty-six and blog about that.”

Yeah…I’m pretty sure some of these people have it in for me.  But they wouldn’t be alone.  My entire day has had it in for me. From the moment I woke up, determined not to eat a single piece of candy.  I was going to be good. I was going to eat one of my husband’s healthy cereals.  I avoided the Lucky Charms and the Cap’n Crunch, and I went straight for the Raisin Bran, poured myself a bowl and added milk. 

I had no idea the milk was rancid until I shoveled a huge spoonful into my mouth.  Apparently, the brand new milk had been opened before we bought it.  Is there anything more disgusting than that? I mean, first thing in the morning? I was certain I had been poisoned. You can’t be too careful you know.  So I quickly rinsed my mouth out with root beer and brushed my teeth a few times.  Then I called my husband to tell him I might die.

I didn’t die yet, but seriously, that’s what I get for trying to eat something healthy instead of leftover Halloween candy!

To be fair, it wasn’t the Raisin Bran’s fault, so I can’t blame any of this on the healthy cereal. This would have happened even if I had gone with the Cap’n Crunch.  Only with the Cap’n I would have been more heartbroken to waste a whole bowl of my favorite cereal.

So the challenge blog wasn’t such a stretch after all.  I may not have been visted by three ghosts, but I almost became one.  Well…maybe not almost.  But like one of my friends suggested, I could have turned into a zombie! Which made me wonder how different the Dicken’s classic would have been if Ebenezer Scrooge had been visited by three zombies instead of three ghosts. 

It would have been a Christmas Scare-all…or something like that.

Until the next time…I’ll be looking for something to eat…maybe brains?

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Posted on November 2, 2011 .