when did it become November?

They say time flies when you’re having fun. It’s true. Time does fly when you’re having fun. It also flies when you’re not having fun. And when you’re getting one more year older. And when you’re remembering how things used to be so many years ago. The only time it doesn’t fly is when you’re waiting for something to come…like your tax return check…or your period that’s been late for a day or two already.

Not mine, by the way…I was just using that as an example.

It seems to me like it was just June. Maybe July. Possibly August. But not November…when did it become November? 

I know it was just October. I enjoyed it very much. But the Halloween decorations are down, and it’s too soon to decorate for Christmas, so that must mean its November.  And for some reason, this November seems to have more importance.  Maybe because the kids are grown, or maybe because I feel like I’ve suddenly gotten so old.

The clocks went back an hour this morning, but I spent the entire day thinking it was an hour later because even though I changed the time on my phone and my computer, I had forgotten the clock on the stove and the clock in the car.  So I ran around all day, certain I was racing the rush hour traffic to get home to make dinner…something I wouldn’t have to do at all if I had a few more followers on my blog and I won the challenge my husband set for me (just a friendly reminder.)  

Not that it mattered all that much. Mike was working from home, and I had no plans for the day and no pressure to make any. I have all week to get to my “to do list”…and starting tomorrow, I will not rest until I check everything off the list.

As for tonight?

A nice fire, and an old movie. It is a pretty cold November.

Until the next time…I’ll be pulling out the extra blankets and watching for snow!

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Posted on November 7, 2011 .