the case of the missing drawers

I saw a strange sight on the side of the road today—something I had never seen before.   

It was a pair of men’s silk boxers.  Not the sort of boxers most men would buy for themselves, but rather the kind that would have been a gift, perhaps for Valentine’s Day, or an anniversary.  But seeing a pair of underwear along the side of the road wasn’t what was so unusual.  As it turns out, I have actually seen underwear on the side of the road before.  But as I got closer to this particular pair, I realized that I recognized them a little too well.  I might have been the one who bought them.

Those were Mike’s underwear!

As I got over the shock of seeing my husband’s undergarments on display along a major roadway, I noticed something else that was all too familiar—a bungee cord—and not just any bungee cord, it was the one Mike had strapped to the trailer not more than an hour before. 

These were just two of the things we lost on the move. 

Although, I certainly won’t cry over a pair of never worn boxers or a stupid bungee cord (although Mike was tempted to pull over to retrieve the bungee) I am still in mourning the loss of a drawer to my hutch.  Mike has promised to rebuild the drawer to exceed the standards of the original, but I know the hutch will never be the same.  I also lost the remote to the TV when the drawer to the hutch flew off the back of the truck and under the wheels of an oncoming car. 

The remote was in the drawer. 

But all of those things can be replaced.  My beloved Joey and Henry Chow could never be replaced, which is why the entire house went on red alert when both of them got out of the new house and ran off.  Lucky for us, they were found. 

I would have missed them a lot more than a drawer.

Until the next time…I’ll still be unpacking!!

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Posted on February 1, 2011 .