two refrigerators are better than one

I suppose I could be considered a collector.

We already know I collect magazines.  I also like clocks, white pottery, and old books.  Oh and refrigerators. I now have two.

I don't need two. I just wanted a different one. 

My husband...who, for some strange reason, loves me...agreed to let me get the new refrigerator despite his strong reservations.  He thought the old refrigerator was perfectly fine.  Probably because he picked it out five years ago.

I didn't want the side by side fridge.  I wanted the fancy French door variety...and now I have one. 

Now I have to sell one lightly used, never loved, side by side refrigerator.  I will be putting an ad on craigslist tomorrow.  If I'm lucky I will sell it before the weekend is over.  My kitchen may be spacious, but it is a little cramped with two refrigerators in it. 

Oh, and by the way, my husband changed his mind once we swapped all the food from the old refrigerator to the new one.  It has much more room, and because of the design, it has way better form and function.  I may have my quirks, but I really do have a good sense of balance and design.  He really should have trusted my instincts.  I'm sure he will, every time he reaches in the new Kitchen Aid to retrieve his grapefruit that he can find it in its new spacious spot.

Until the next time...I'll be opening and closing the doors to see if the light really does go out!

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Posted on February 18, 2011 .